Taking the long way round Scandinavia

Ok, let me catch my breath. I feel jetlagged, but within the same time zone, hah! This past week has been crazy. I’ve been traveling around Sweden and Norway with my boyfriend, meeting a bunch of new people, going out, sightseeing, traveling by pretty much any mode of public transportation you can imagine and had an absolute blast! First, we took a bus to Gothenburg, … Continue reading Taking the long way round Scandinavia

The little school in Huilongguan

Huilongguan, like many other parts in the outskirts of Beijing, consists of a mixture of affordable, but nice housing communities. It is place for concrete highrise buildings, specked with hundreds and hundreds of identical little balconies. Peeking through fences as you walk the street, reveals playgrounds with brightly colored rubber concrete and brand new play structures inhabited by immaculately dressed or uniformed children. It’s a place where the new Chinese middle class enjoys a quiet life. A place for living the Chinese dream. Continue reading The little school in Huilongguan