72 hours in Japan

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a long weekend in Japan. I was so excited to go there, I didn’t for a second consider rescheduling my trip when I learned I would have to postpone a couple of my midterms! During my visit, I got the chance to visit both Kyoto and Tokyo, both […]

Meeting the Zhi Xing fellows!

This monday, six lucky Confucius Scholars and a couple of Masters students from Renmin were invited to have lunch with this years Zhi Xing Fellows, and I was one of them! The Zhi Xing fellowship is one of the Eisenhower fellowships, and is given to mid-career professionals who are interested in Chinese culture and in […]

Golden Golden Week! 

I’m starting to get back into the daily rhythm of school life, after an amazing Golden Week vacation! Golden Week, is the week surrounding the national day in China. National day (guojie) falls on October 1st every year and marks the start of the Peoples Republic of China. The combination of several days of holiday […]

Confucius day at Hanban offices! 

Last week a group of Confucius scholars from Renmin University were invited to participate in the open day at the Confucius Institute at Hanban headquarters in Beijing! The day included a press conference, which we didn’t understand much of, traditional Chinese performances, tea service and dinner.  Our view of the press conference. Not much to […]