Yogi-Yoga and the power of yoga

Last month I was fortunate enough to experience a very special event here at Renmin University of China! For anyone who knows me, it is no secret that I love yoga. Although I am not a diligent yogi by any stretch of imagination, I do enjoy my occasional personal practice. So when I was offered the chance to join our university’s yoga club in creating … Continue reading Yogi-Yoga and the power of yoga

Henan province and China’s hidden treasures,  Yuntai Mountain 

  One of the lesser known,  but absolute best experiences I’ve had in China was visiting the Yuntai Mountain ! Yuntai Mountain is located in the Henan province, which I was lucky enough to be invited to visit along with a group of classmates from the People’s University. The mountain is a UNESCO world heritage site, and while climbing the many steps up and down … Continue reading Henan province and China’s hidden treasures,  Yuntai Mountain 

Meeting the Zhi Xing fellows!

This monday, six lucky Confucius Scholars and a couple of Masters students from Renmin were invited to have lunch with this years Zhi Xing Fellows, and I was one of them! The Zhi Xing fellowship is one of the Eisenhower fellowships, and is given to mid-career professionals who are interested in Chinese culture and in expanding their professional reach to China. As far as I … Continue reading Meeting the Zhi Xing fellows!

English Debate Association and the Novice Cup 

This weekend, my friend and I attended the novice cup – a debate tournament arranged by a group of debate associations from Renmin University and other universities in the Haidian district. The novice cup was designed to give novice speakers a fun and friendly introduction to the world of competitive debating. And it really was a lot of fun! In the interest of making the … Continue reading English Debate Association and the Novice Cup 

Confucius day at Hanban offices! 

Last week a group of Confucius scholars from Renmin University were invited to participate in the open day at the Confucius Institute at Hanban headquarters in Beijing! The day included a press conference, which we didn’t understand much of, traditional Chinese performances, tea service and dinner.  Our view of the press conference. Not much to see, and we didn’t understand much of what was being … Continue reading Confucius day at Hanban offices!