Taking the long way round Scandinavia

Ok, let me catch my breath.

I feel jetlagged, but within the same time zone, hah!


This past week has been crazy. I’ve been traveling around Sweden and Norway with my boyfriend, meeting a bunch of new people, going out, sightseeing, traveling by pretty much any mode of public transportation you can imagine and had an absolute blast!

First, we took a bus to Gothenburg, where we had a quick cup of coffee and then took another bus to some friends’ place in the countryside. They have a one-year-old son who we had great fun interacting with. We stayed with them overnight, after enjoying dinner with them and another couple of friends. I had never met any of them before since they’re friends of my boyfriend, but I think they were all wonderful people! We all had some beer and chatted about this and that after the dinner.

The next morning we took the bus back to Gothenburg, and then the train from there to Uddevalla, where my boyfriend’s parents picked us up. We also spent the night at their place, as well as visiting more friends of my boyfriend who were also really nice. He took some pictures of them and their newborn, which I thought turned out very well – they’re a cute little family!

Then, we took yet another bus to Oslo, where we spent four days! Four days is a long time in Oslo, since everything is so expensive, haha.

During our time in Oslo, my boyfriend showed me around the city, which I thought was very beautiful! I especially liked the tram system and all the beautiful old buildings. We also met up with some more friends, who I really like and enjoyed spending some time with them, partying, going out and fika! They’re both really creative people, a photographer and a musician who are both really talented!

I don’t really know what I expected from Oslo, or the Norwegians, but I was surprised by it. The city is very much like any European city, just in the north. The winter light in Oslo is absolutely beautiful and the fjords and the buildings all complement each other very well! It’s a very very photogenic city! (the above photo is taken with my cellphone camera, btw)

I really wish we could have found the time to visit the Nobel Peace Center, but when we found out that it actually has open exhibitions for the public, we were already on our way to the airport. Too bad, but we will definitely get to see it next time!

For now, I am happy to be back in Malmö and will go enjoy my afternoon fika (and maybe have a nap…


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