Henan province and China’s hidden treasures,  Yuntai Mountain 


One of the lesser known,  but absolute best experiences I’ve had in China was visiting the Yuntai Mountain !

Yuntai Mountain is located in the Henan province, which I was lucky enough to be invited to visit along with a group of classmates from the People’s University.

The mountain is a UNESCO world heritage site, and while climbing the many steps up and down the sides of the mountain, over big and small ponds and streams, and through caves and grottos under the mountain, it quickly becomes clear why! The landscape here is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen – although it may be worth mentioning that this was my first time on an actual mountain !


The landscape of Yuntai Mountain is characterized by a huge variety of nature, from the highest peak to the deepest Valley, from barren rock to rich vegetation, climbing a damm only to find a huge reservoir on the other side, creeks and ponds and waterfalls and freshwater springs. This is some of the most beautiful nature in the world !


For foreign tourists,  Yuntai Mountain is definitely off the beaten path. But it is a favored spot for local tourists and has great facilities in place to make a visit there convenient and fun for everyone – we saw people of all ages, newborns and retirees all enjoying their trip to the mountain! The Mountain is full of well established paths for tourists, and also has its own tourism information center and guides and bus services for visitors !


Trains to the Henan province go from Beijing daily and the journey takes about three and a half hour. If you don’t mind the typical Chinese tourist experience (or even if you hate it), Yuntai Mountain is absolutely worth a visit !

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