Meeting the Zhi Xing fellows!


This monday, six lucky Confucius Scholars and a couple of Masters students from Renmin were invited to have lunch with this years Zhi Xing Fellows, and I was one of them!

The Zhi Xing fellowship is one of the Eisenhower fellowships, and is given to mid-career professionals who are interested in Chinese culture and in expanding their professional reach to China. As far as I understand, it’s a quite competitive fellowship to get, so I was of course very excited to meet the fellows!

The lunch was wonderful! We were served at whole bunch of different dishes, and all of them were delicious. The fellows were very friendly and happy to share their stories about their careers and interests, and even interested in hearing our thoughts on our own academic and professional paths.

I definitely had a wonderful time, and I found the conversations with the fellows very enlightening! This was definitely one of the better perks of being a Confucius Scholar, so far!

If you want to know more about the Zhi Xing Fellowship, or the Eisenhower Fellowships in general, you can check out the official website efworld



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