Golden Golden Week! 

I’m starting to get back into the daily rhythm of school life, after an amazing Golden Week vacation!

Golden Week, is the week surrounding the national day in China. National day (guojie) falls on October 1st every year and marks the start of the Peoples Republic of China. The combination of several days of holiday is rare in China and thus this one week every year is considered a golden opportunity for people to visit their homes and families. For us foreign students it’s a chance to travel the country or receive visits from our family.

I had a very special visit from home,which definitely made my golden week absolutely golden!

Aside from enjoying some very nice hotel rooms, we took it upon ourselves to sample all the best that Beijing has to offer. Starting with the Lama Temple…

Exploring several of the popular (and not so popular) Hutong areas…

And lots and lots of hot pot! We might even consider opening a real hot pot restaurant back home!

But alas, Golden Week couldn’t last forever. Back to the books and the study hall I went, and back to Scandinavia he went.

Till next time ~

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